Tuesday, April 3, 2012

8 years & Get me out of here!

There are 3 levels of EMT licensing in Rhode Island. EMT-B and EMT-Paramedic as most states.Rhode Island has a unique middle level of certification called an EMT-Cardiac. The EMT-C level is the only one held solely through The State of Rhode Island's Department of Health & approved training schools.The EMT-C had been constructed so to provide an Advanced Level of care.The level became dominant & still is.The state authorizes a 4 month program in Medications,dosages,AED use & I.V.insertion.These procedures dominantly had been protected by a Paramedic.EMT-C continues to operate holding neighboring Protocols & recommendations through out the United States.Virginia, until 2008 also held this exclusive EMS Level with tweeks & allowances for Virginia's needs. Rhode Island's EMT,Paramedic levels are still set through the National Registry.A practical test and a computer multiple choice test will be needed to  passed to be eligible for Rhode Island.The Paramedic must also take & Pass a Rhode Island approved exam post passing the National Standards.The National exams will give you National Certification from the National Registry.This enables those to challenge any State's or Country test through those that recognize the National Standard.

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