Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I walk in.We walk out.

Late morning,i walk into a premiere staple breakfast diner of the Attleboroughs....I chose counter top & stool underneath me...An elderly man was to my Right & Staring at me.It was like he knew me...i gathered my thoughts with no recollection.
I said "Hello" & sat down...I glanced at my cell.So did he...He picked it up lightly...Looked it over & placed it down...Few words have been spoken & if he spoke i geared my ear closer to his words....Which seemed laborous to him..I received my plate & received the indigestion to go with 3 sunny side over french toast,Bacon,2 Sausage links & coffee....
The gentleman began to shuffel & gather....I did the same.....The man threw down 3 one dollar bills...& stood up with cane stablizing his left side.I asked for my bill...The rotten tooth waitress told me it was paid...I asked.She ebruptly asked.Pointing to the old man.Is this your grandfather? I looked at him & he at me....We smiled.I walked him out with repeated Thanks & direction to propel heavy doors out of his way.I could only revere him as a King....We continued down the walk....until my car...

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